Toronto's real estate market presents an impeccable investment opportunity for Canadians and international investors alike.

Thousands of investors (nearly 100 from our own portfolio) have profited millions of dollars from Toronto’s real estate market, especially in new condominium developments.

The new construction section of our website features several such condominium developments, along with images and floor plans for each. For more information on each project, click through the content, or get in touch with us for extra details.

An alternative, and increasingly popular investment choice is in town homes. Due to their relatively low price, they present an easy entry point for investors. And that in turn results in low rent charges for tenants, ensuring the investor's monthly revenue. There are many pros and cons with each type of residential real estate investment. Contact us for an assessment to understand which choice is best for you.

How Do The Numbers Stack Up?

See our sample investment report, which is based on an actual investment, with the numbers extracted from the actual investment, though approximated for simplicity.

Property Management

Whether you're too busy to manage your investment properties or you're not a local investor, we have the expertise to manage your properties for you. Being an active real estate investor and having managed dozens of properties for clients, we've gone through the full process of purchasing, maintaining, and selling an investment properties tens and tens of times. Provided your investment property was purchased through us, we charge a nominal fee to manage the property and its finances for you.

How We Manage Clients' Properties

On an annual basis, we'll find a tenant for your property to provide cash flow to cover its expenses. And on a monthly basis, ensure that the rent income has cleared, and the mortgage payments and all expenses, such as maintenance fees, property taxes, and any miscellaneous expenses have been paid. At the end of the year, we'll prepare a rental renewal if the tenant wishes to stay, or have the suite professionally cleaned and complete any required repairs before turning it over to a new tenant. If you're not a local investor, we'll also manage the bank account and other finances related to your investment property.

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